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Wednesday 18th of March

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Wednesday 18th of March
by H Barty (Teacher) - Wednesday, 18 March 2020, 11:44 AM

Hello all,

Sorry for the cancellation of today's session. I have updated all the power points and worksheets onto Moodle for your use.  

We were in the second to last topic numbered topic 14 our place in the galaxy and we had covered the milky way but needed to discover about the different galaxies.  Have a look at the galaxies ppt.  Try out the Galaxies worksheet.  Take a look at the scheme of work document in the general section of Moodle.  Hopefully we will be back to normal soon. However if we are not there next topic ppts are also there along with all worksheets.

Yr 11s I have put in the past paper section the sample practice papers that would be worth you guys taking a look at for revision once you have finished the cosmology section.  I will also send you the 2019 past paper that you can try by email so make sure you have space in your email inboxes.


Mr Barty