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  • Clubs and Activities

    Tuesday 22nd April 2014
    12.50      Guitar and Ukulele Club
    1.00pm-1.30pm      Year 9 Drama Club in the Drama Studio
    1.00 pm – 1.30 pm      Scrabble Club in L3 (NG)
    3.30 pm      Big Band
    3.30pm      Drama G&T group in A2
    3.30pm – 5pm      Silver Arts Award in Drama Studio
    3.30pm-4.30pm    Year 11 Geography drop in session in D5/D6

    Wednesday 23rd April 2014
    12.50 pm – 1.25 pm      Art Club in N1 (TB)
    12.50 pm      GCSE and A Level Surgery - Music
    12.50-1.25      Year 7 Boys’ Street dance club – dance studio
    1pm – 1.30 pm      Year 8 GCSE Drama Group in Drama Studio
    1pm      Year 7 Book Club
    3.30 pm      GCSE and A Level Surgery – Music
    3.30pm-5.15pm - Year 10 GCSE Drama after school option group in A2    
    3.30pm-5.15pm - Year 11 GCSE Drama after school option group in Drama Studio
    3.30pm-5.15pm - Year 10 GCSE Dance after school option in Dance Studio
    3.30-4.30pm – DoE award in hall

    Thursday 24th April 2014
    Lunchtime      Puzzle club Years 7, 8, 9
    Lunchtime      Chess club all years in HZ
    12.50 pm      Brass Group
    12.50-1.25pm      Dance club all years in Dance Studio
    12.50-1.25pm     Christian Union in C5
    3.30 pm – 5.00 pm      Year 11 GCSE Dance Group in Dance Studio (Miss Walker)
    3.30 pm      Jam Club
    3.30-4.30pm – Horticultural Society
    3.30-4.45pm – Badminton
    3.30-4.45pm – Year 11 Geography drop in session D3/D7

    Friday 25th April 2014

    12.50      String Ensemble
    1pm-1.30pm      Year 7 and 8 Book Club in L3
    3.30-4.45pm      Cross country – Athletics Club – Squash

    ICT clubs every lunch time in D1 and D3
    Maths Clinic every lunchtime in HX
    After school homework club in Careers room until 5.00 pm.